Repeat offender arrested for aggravated burglary

Repeat offender arrested for aggravated burglary (Image 1)

A man was arrested for aggravated burglary on Friday after being out of prison for two and half months.

Nicholas Capito, 28, has been arrested several times for burglary.

In 2004, Capito was arrested after a month-long rash of car break-ins in Bellevue.

Capito was also named Metro Police's Repeat Offender of the Week in October of 2008 for breaking into cars in Hermitage.

In 2009 he was arrested after burglarizing several homes in Sumner County.

On Tuesday morning, Capito burglarized a home on Willow Creek Drive in Nashville, taking a TV, Nook tablet and a laptop.

Later Tuesday morning, police were called to another Nashville home, located at Wescott Drive.

The home owner at Wescott Drive called police and said a man knocked on his door asking for directions, stating he was from Brentwood and was lost.

The home owner said an older white suburban with several stickers on the back of the vehicle had pulled into his drive way and a female with dark hair was in the driver's seat.

He described the man that approached his home as a white male with shaggy hair, a white shirt, baggy pants and a noticeable tattoo.

On Friday, the victim of the home burglary on Willow Creek Drive called police and said that a neighbor had video of the possible suspect vehicle.

The video matched the description of the vehicle described by the homeowner at Wescott Drive. 

On Friday police spotted the vehicle at Trinity Lane and Interstate 65. The suspect in the vehicle matched the description given to police by witnesses.

Capito stated he had been out of prison for two and half months and did everything he could for money including transporting drugs, but that he did not steal or burglarize houses for money.

Detectives contacted the owner of the suburban who is Capito's girlfriend and she agreed to meet police. She initially lied about the meeting location and was later found police.

The girlfriend took police to a storage unit where property was recovered belonging to victims of other burglaries.

The girlfriend admitted to driving Capito during the burglary at Willow Creek Drive.

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