Need for blood donations rises in the summertime

Need for blood donations rises in the summertime (Image 1)

As the school year winds down, the need for blood donations goes up.

Although it is a message heard often, this time of year the Red Cross' plea for blood donation takes on extra significance.

“Summertime is historically a tough time for us at the American Red Cross. Kids are out of school, people go on vacation, and they just forget to make that appointment to donate blood,” said Regina Raccuglia with American Red Cross.

“But unfortunately, patients in our local hospitals are still there and still need blood. So we have to remember to still make our appointments,” Raccuglia continued.

Blood donor Peter Durand said he likes to give blood in the morning on Fridays because it's usually very open which means there's a lot of need.

“I've given for five years, and I do it because I have family members, like many people, who have needed blood due to an operation or transfusion,” Durand explained.

Blood donors are able to make a visit to the Red Cross once every eight weeks.

While the Red Cross encourages everyone to donate, they say that people with the universal donor blood type O-negative are especially needed now.

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