2010 flood still haunts Ashland City neighborhood

2010 flood still haunts Ashland City neighborhood (Image 1)

Three years after a historic flood, an Ashland City neighborhood remains untouched.

As the name suggests, Lakeside Drive, just off River Road, is by the water.

In May 2010, the Cumberland River came out of its banks and surrounded the homes along the drive.

“It got as high as our windows up there on the house, on the second level,” said homeowner Brenda George. “We had to step out of the windows onto a rescue boat.”

George vividly remembers the flood. She and her husband escaped the floodwaters safely, but they lost two vehicles, tools and other items stored on the lower level or their home.

The couple wasn't able to return to the neighborhood for three months. Even then, they were reminded of the flood.

“It was a long process to get the smell gone, even after we moved back here. It still stunk,” George said. “That's a smell I can't describe, almost rotten.”

Three years later, there are no signs of flood damage, at least not at George's home.

“We have lost a lot of our neighbors. A lot of them weren't able to come back, financially,” she said.

Just around the corner from her home, a cul-de-sac of nearly a dozen homes is deserted.

Broken glass, debris and other household remnants litter rooms and yards.

Mold has overtaken the gutted interiors, while brush has overtaken the dilapidated exteriors.

In one home, a 2010 calendar still hangs on the wall, an eerie reminder of the year time stopped for the abandoned homes along the river.

“Our biggest concern now about that is that it's just abandoned and people are using it as dump,” George said.

According to the county, the former rental properties have one owner. Codes enforcers have sent the owner legal notices, with no response.

In the next month, the county will advertise and accept bids to demolish the empty houses. Demolition will be scheduled shortly thereafter.

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