JOE BIDDLE: Titans draft grade is incomplete

2014 Titans preseason schedule released (Image 1)

Curious minds want to know.

In this microwave era, Titans fans are no different than any other NFL fan base. They want a report card.

OK, we've had the annual draft. What grade do you give the Titans? Which team did the best? Which team did the worst? Which team had the most value picks? Value picks. I love that term. How do you define it? How do you rank value picks?

For what it's worth, I will assign a grade to this year's draft class. Everyone else has. Overall, I think it was one of the top draft classes since the team landed on the banks of the Cumberland River.

I particularly like the first two picks. Alabama guard Chance Warmack was their choice all along, but most observers thought the All-American would go before No. 10, thus it would have forced them to change gears.

Warmack is the type player this Titans regime covets. Not only can he block you from LP Field to Kingston Springs, Warmack is also a solid citizen. A hard worker. Durable. Determined. Has the success gene.

The Titans then moved up six spots in the second round and took a chance on Tennessee wide receiver Justin Hunter. The pick was based on potential. He passes the look test with flying colors.

Will Hunter turn out to be former MTSU wide receiver Tyrone Calico or Ben Troupe, the former Florida tight end with wide receiver skills? Troupe was the Titans first pick (2a) in 2004, Calico the second pick the previous year. Both looked pretty on the show room floor, but neither panned out.

If Hunter learns from the past, he can be an off the chart playmaker at the position. It's pretty much up to him as to how much he will put into making himself that player.

As for the other Titans picks, they are just names now. Blidi Wreh-Wilson (Bleedy Ray Wilson) wins the name game. He was the third pick, one of five Connecticut players taken in the draft. With five drafted players, I wonder how the Huskies were 5-7 last year.

Zavier Gooden, Brian Schwenke, Lavar Edwards, Khalid Wooten, Daimion Stafford. All they are now are names. The Titans like them, but truth is they can't guarantee what any of them will pan out to be.

So you want me to grade this class? No problem. Incomplete.

Check with me four years from now and I'll give you a grade. Some won't last that long in the league. Statistics back that up.

So let's go back to the draft class of 2009 and see how it fared.

Kenny Britt was the Titans first pick. He had the measurables out of Rutgers, but he has had a checkered career to this point. You can't count on Britt because of frequent injuries and off the field scrapes that have landed him in Commissioner Roger Goodell's doghouse.
Why do you think the Titans drafted Hunter? It is Britt's personal wakeup call.

In the 2009 draft, Sen'Derrick Marks went No. 2, a defensive tackle out of Auburn. Again, they didn't get what they needed out of Marks, who became a free agent and signed a one-year contract with Jacksonville.

South Carolina tight end Jared Cook was pick 3a and never reached his potential. Looked like Tarzan, played more like Jane. Signed by his Titans coach, Jeff Fisher, in St. Louis.  Teams are still in love with what Cook could be.

Pick 3b was cornerback Ryan Mouton, no longer with the Titans after injuries cost him much of the past two seasons.

Mouton, Gerald McGrath, Troy Kropog, Nick Schommer, Dominique Edison and Ryan Durand are no longer on the roster. Backup running back Jevon Ringer is an unsigned free agent.

Cornerback Jason McCourty was the 6a pick and is listed as a starting cornerback on the Titans 2013 preseason depth chart.

 So out of 11 draft picks in 2009, only two are still with the Titans — McCourty and Britt.

I have to put an overall failing grade on the 2009 draft. McCourty and Britt are not guaranteed a starting position.

Check back in four years and we will see how the class of 2013 stacks up.

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