Columbia police investigate rash of car break-ins

Columbia police investigate rash of car break-ins (Image 1)

The Columbia Police Department is investigating a rash of car break-ins that happened earlier this week.

Thieves broke into more than a dozen unlocked vehicles overnight Sunday.

Most of the break-ins occurred in the Chantay Acres neighborhood and the surrounding area.

A Franklin police officer was among the victims. His police ID and a handgun were stolen from his car.

“It's definitely a cause for concern as far as somebody having police identification but of course we'd like to get that back as soon as we can,” said Detective Billy Camargo with the Columbia Police Department.

Authorities eventually did get the victim's police ID back.  The thieves dropped the cop's wallet in a neighbor's yard as they were running away.

“I would say lock your cars,” said Camargo. “It would make it a little bit harder for people who want to steal things to actually do it.”

Columbia police said they have some suspects they plan to talk to.

A spokesman for Franklin police said the handgun was not the officer's service weapon, but a handgun that he owns.

He's cooperating with Columbia detectives in hopes of catching the thieves and recovering the stolen items.

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