Report places Nashville in top 10 places for tornadoes

Report places Nashville in top 10 places for tornadoes (Image 1)
Report places Nashville in top 10 places for tornadoes (Image 1)

According to a report by The Weather Channel, Southern cities are now more tornado prone than the traditional “Tornado Alley”.

When it comes to tornadoes, most people think of the “Tornado Alley”, an area in the Great Plains plagued by many twisters during tornado season.

In the south, however, scientists have actually come up with a new term: “Dixie Alley”.

Dr. Greg Forbes with The Weather Channel came up with a top ten list of the most tornado prone cities in the United States and the South dominates.

Huntsville, Alabama takes the number spot, followed by Jackson, Mississippi at number two.

The third and fourth cities on the list are also in Alabama, with Tuscaloosa at number three and Birmingham at number four.

Nashville ranks 10th on the list.

Out of the top ten, only three cities in the Great Plains known for being in the traditional “Tornado Alley” take spots, showing that “Dixie Alley” is actually more tornado prone.

Here is the full list of Top 10 Tornado Cities:

1. Huntsville, Alabama
2. Jackson, Mississippi
3. Birmingham, Alabama
4. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
5. Little Rock, Arkansas
6. Tulsa, Oklahoma
7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
8. Atlanta, Georgia
9. Wichita, Kansas
10. Nashville, Tennessee

To make his list, Dr. Forbes added up the “area of the tornado paths” within 75 miles of a city, which he said gives a more realistic probability of a city being hit by a tornado, rather than just the raw numbers of tornadoes within a metro area.

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