Mother of alleged sexual battery victim speaks out

Mother of alleged sexual battery victim speaks out (Image 1)

The mother of an alleged sexual battery victim is speaking out to warn other parents.

The woman asked Nashville's News 2 to conceal her identity to protect her family, but spoke frankly about claims her daughter made last week.

“She came home Thursday afternoon from school, and I asked her about her day and she proceeded to tell me she had a bad day,” she said. “She was cornered by some boys in the hallway. And one of 'em had touched her inappropriately.”

The suspect is a fellow student of the same age and the same grade level as her daughter at Rucker-Stewart Middle School in Gallatin.

“I was devastated, of course, as a parent,” she added.

The mother told Nashville's News 2 on the day of the alleged assault, her daughter went to the school office and tried to report it to the principal.

“She was told that she needed to write her problem on a piece of paper, and that he was going to get it, which he never got,” she said.

When her daughter told her what happened, her mother spoke directly to the principal and then to police.

In the five days since the incident was reported, the investigation has revealed several possible witnesses and victims.

“It's very heartbreaking to know there was more victims, but that is what my husband and I wanted to accomplish, is to put the word out and to see if there was other kids that could come forward,” the mother said.

The seventh grader accused in the case faces six counts of sexual battery.

According to police, he has been very cooperative in the case.

The mother of the first student to come forward credited her family's support system for her daughter's openness.

“I've always told my daughters to come to me if anything like that ever happened,” she said. “I'm very proud of her.”

She seeking counseling for her daughter in light of her claims, and hoping the school will take a closer look at how they handle communication with students in the future.

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