Mom upset son’s hair was cut while in foster care

Mom upset son's hair was cut while in foster care (Image 1)

A Columbia mom was reunited with her son Monday after the state took him away late last week.

Two-year-old Ryder Johnson was placed in the custody of the Department of Children's Services last Thursday after he climbed out of his bedroom window and wandered a block away by himself.

A neighbor spotted the toddler and called authorities.

The family thought the boy was in his bed sleeping until police officers knocked on their door and told them he wasn't.

Monday a judge called it a “freak accident” and ruled it was safe for the child to return to the Mapleash Avenue home where he lives with his mother and grandparents.

“It's starting to sink in that I have him back and I'm so happy, so happy,” said Ryder's mother, Jessica Johnson.

However, when the family saw the boy they noticed some of his blonde curls had been cut.

Ryder's grandmother, Stephanie Johnson, said there was a card in his bag that read “baby's first haircut” with some of his hair taped inside.

Johnson said she had chosen not to cut the Ryder's hair until he turns five-years-old for religious reasons.

While the family is thankful for the foster parents who took care of Ryder for a few days, they are upset they won't get to experience his first haircut together.

“This breaks my heart. I cut hair and I thought I was going to get to do this,” said Stephanie Johnson.

It was determined the toddler unlocked and opened the window in his bedroom.

The family said they have added more locks to the windows and doors in their home.

A DCS spokesperson said she could not comment on the case.

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