Man robs, ransacks store for the visually impaired

Man robs, ransacks store for the visually impaired (Image 1)

A man is now behind bars after breaking into a local thrift store several times, destroying property and stealing hundreds of dollars in merchandise.

The store is Ed Lindsey Industries for the Blind, a company that helps the visually impaired.

The first time Johnny Parson was seen on surveillance video outside of the store was April 16.  He had climbed through an unsecured window.

According to police reports, Parson was interviewed the next day about a missing vacuum cleaner. He claimed that he found it on the railroad tracks behind the store.

Store manager Crystal Davidson said that was just the beginning. She said it happened five times.

“Five times, I believe it was, and only two were reported through the police because he came in areas where surveillance didn't pick up,” Davidson explained.

Security cameras at Ed Lindsey Industries for the Blind caught Parson again on April 20 and 23. This time, hundreds of dollars in merchandise, including an iPhone, Sirius radio and clothing, were missing.

Parson allegedly ransacked the store as well.

“When I came in that morning, it felt like to me more destructive just to do something,” Davidson said.

All of the workers are either blind or visually impaired, so it was a difficult mess for them reorganize and clean the store.

They rely on the sale of foods for training and employment.

“It upsets us a lot because we put the effort into making it what it is we just remodeled. Done a lot of organization and it was very upsetting when it comes to the point of someone stepping in and destroying what we had,” Richardson explained.

According to authorities, Parson is also accused of breaking into a nearby McDonald's and stealing Ronald McDonald charity boxes from under the registers.

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