Gov. Haslam no closer to decision on ‘ag-gag’ bill

Gov. Haslam no closer to decision on 'ag-gag' bill (Image 1)

Gov. Bill Haslam said he is not closer to making up his mind on whether to veto a bill that makes it a crime to video record animal abuse if it isn't turned over to law enforcement authorities within 48 hours.

Since lawmakers passed the bill earlier this month, it has gained national attention, including the opinions of celebrities.

Carrie Underwood tweeted against the bill on her twitter account, adding that Governor Haslam should veto the bill or expect a visit from her personally.

Ellen Degeneres has also chimed in on the debate. The talk show host sat down with Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle on her show.

Pacelle took direct aim at Tennessee saying, “I really want people to contact the Governor of Tennessee, Governor Haslam, and ask him to veto this bill.”

Governor Haslam told Nashville's News 2 Tuesday that he is considering both sides of the argument.

“I obviously value their opinion, I value everyone's. I've gotten a lot of calls about this, some from Tennesseans, some from out of state people,” said Haslam.

The Governor also said that his office has received calls from both Underwood and Degeneres, but he has not personally spoken with either of them.

Opponents call it the “ag gag” bill, arguing that it would put an end to extended undercover operations like the one that exposed how trainers subjected Tennessee walking horses to beatings and caustic burns.

The governor's office has yet to receive the bill from lawmakers.

Once it arrives, Haslam has 10 days to veto it or let it become law.

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