Brentwood couple moving to Haiti to provide medical relief

Brentwood couple moving to Haiti to provide medical relief (Image 1)

For many, retirement means more golf or lazy days at the lake, but for one Brentwood couple retirement means quite the opposite.

Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool are selling almost all of their belongings to make a difference in Haiti, a country they've grown to love.

“It is a country that needs a lot of hope,” said Laurie Vanderpool.

“We came in right after the earthquake. We're starting to see hope in the eyes and the hearts of the Haitian people.”

After the devastating earthquake of 2010, Laurie and David went to Haiti for mobile medical disaster relief.

Since then, they've led teams for monthly mission trips.

Their non-profit organization, Live Beyond, has served tens of thousands of Haitians and their work has evolved beyond medical relief.

Live Beyond now serves orphans, encourages entrepreneurships with microloans, and brings clean water to Haitians.

Now that their youngest child is a freshman in college, the Vanderpools are moving to Haiti full time.

They're selling their home, his medical practice and almost all of their belongings.

“This is something we had hoped for and dreamed about for a long, long time,” said Laurie.

“The bottom line is this is [an] example we see of Jesus and we love to say he left the ultimate gated community to come here to make a difference for us, so surely we can follow that example and do the same.”

To learn more about Live Beyond head to their Web site

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