Parents react to harsh remarks on free school lunches

Parents react to harsh remarks on free school lunches (Image 1)

After a healthy snack of fresh apples and oranges, children from Glendale Elementary School in Nashville are bursting with energy.

“We have students who come from everywhere, actually. It is a lottery system, and you have to lottery to come in. It is a Spanish immersion school,” said Beth Miller who leads the after school program.

West Virginia's House of Delegates approved a measure to provide free healthy breakfasts and lunches to all public school children across the state.

It received national attention because of its goal to use private donations and federal money for the expanded program but not everyone likes the idea.

Delegate Ray Canterbury (R-Greenbrier) is getting backlash for his comments during debate about the bill.

He said, “I think it would be a good idea if, perhaps, we had the kids work for their lunches, make them earn it,” the Republican told the state's House of Delegates. “[If] they miss a meal, they might not learn to add, but they'll learn a more important lesson.”

Parents we spoke with were bothered by those comments.

“I think it is just outrageous to put that burden on children who need to be focusing on going to school and learning and resting and being included with all children,” said Carol Cavin-Dillon, a parent.

When Nashville's News 2 shared Canterbury's perspective on our Facebook page, it was flooded with comments and more than 500 shares.

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