Family and Friends Soggy, But Still Fans

Along with the 30-thousand plus runners…were the fans. Even with the heavy rain, family and friends lined the streets to cheer on the runners.

“Oh my God, it's cold. But it's worse for them” said Carolyn Johnston from Detroit, Michigan, watching her husband and brother run the half-marathon.

John and Lynn Walker braved the weather with a still camera, hoping to catch their daughter Sophie running in her first half-marathon. John has some experience standing in the rain for a sporting event. He was at this year's Masters golf tournament in Augusta.

“But it wasn't that bad really” he said. “This is much worse.”

Runners reached the 9 mile mark in the Gulch. 12th and Division was a crowded spot for water soaken family and friends.

“I've got it timed where she shows up at different times so…I've got about 5 more minutes” said Mike Bocanegra watching his girlfriend and her friends run the race. “It's supposed to rain..that's what I hear” he said, wearing an umbrella hat in the pouring rain.

Kayla McKinney of Hendersonville ran her first half-marathon Saturday. “My socks were soggy within the first mile. I'm sure I'll have blisters…I'm pretty sure I already do” she said. Will she do it again? Even if it pours next year? Well….yeah I think I can handle it.”


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