Spectators on edge, still excited for Country Music Marathon

Spectators on edge, still excited for Country Music Marathon (Image 1)

It takes mental strength, endurance and courage to run 26 miles and this year, the 14th Annual Country Music marathon may also be a testament to the loyalty of event spectators.

East Nashville resident Barry Stewart spent Thursday relaxing in his front yard with his puppy.

This weekend, he will have a front row seat to the Country Music Marathon Race as runners dash past his home as part of the race route.

“I can't wait until it gets here. That way I can see everything that is going on,” said Stewart.

Spectators said they are feeling a little on edge this year.

“I am kind of nervous about sitting out there and watching them. I am not going to feel as safe as I was,” said Hideyia Williams, who lives along the race route.

People who typically watch the race with ease said they will have to put aside their concerns looming for the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Event organizers want runners and spectators to feel safe. They said 150 additional private security workers will be stationed at various locations.

Officials said the Department of Homeland Security is contributing 100 hours of service.

Marathon workers said this year's run has special meaning.

“You celebrate the accomplishment of the achievement so much more. Knowing that has been ripped from so many people and tragically impacted Boston last week, we are determined more than ever to promote what these runners have gone through,” said Dan Cruz a spokesperson for the Country Music Marathon.

Organizers said an additional 1,700 people signed up for the race since the Boston bombings.

Spectators said despite their concerns, they will be watching and supporting runners all the way to the finish line.

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