Murfreesboro residents push for Trader Joe’s in their area

Murfreesboro residents push for Trader Joe's in their area (Image 1)

Trader Joe's is one of the top five most requests businesses in Murfreesboro and a local woman has started a Facebook page to make it happen.

Several people who spoke with Nashville's News 2 said that they are tired of driving more than 30 miles to shop at the one here.

Kim Bailey started a Facebook page in 2011 called “Bring Trader Joe's to Murfreesboro” and it now has over 3,500 likes.

“Well I'm a huge fan,” she said. “I wanted to start one and show them that Murfreesboro was progressive, and ready for a store of this type.”

Bailey fell in love with the store in Indianapolis.

Another resident who is originally from California said that he is a “lifer” for Trader Joe's.

“Been going there all my life, and once I came out to Tennessee, I kinda missed it,” Chris Sloman said.

The Facebook page also got the attention from the city.

“I think the city is really impressed about what our community has gone and done for this effort,” said Shannon Logan with the city of Murfreesboro.

Fans would love to see the store built near “The Avenue” shopping center.

“I think we're at a good point to catch their attention,” said Bailey.
Nashville's News 2 contacted Trader Joe's and a spokesperson said that Murfreesboro is not currently in their 2-year plan of opening a location.

Bailey noted that Salt Lake City and Asheville, North Carolina had similar Trader Joe's Facebook pages with about the same amount of fans, and the store opened locations in both of those cities within the past year.

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