JOE BIDDLE: Alabama lineman makes Munchak, Matthews giddy

2014 Titans preseason schedule released (Image 1)

It's not easy to get Hall of Fame linemen Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak to emote their feelings either way.

It comes with being members of the offensive linemen fraternity. They don't play football for the personal recognition. They work in the trenches while the quarterbacks and running backs get all the accolades when times are good and all the blame when things go south.

But if it is humanly possible for Munchak and Matthews to walk on air, they were close Thursday night when Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack officially became a Titans right guard of the future with the 10th pick of the first round.

Everyone at the press conference said the 6-2, 317-pound Warmack was the player they wanted. They always say that, but this time it was believable.

They had personally worked Warmack out in Tuscaloosa, even though he had just gone through his Pro Day at Alabama a couple of days before.

Warmack said Thursday night the Titans were the only team he worked out for, even though three or four more teams had requested private workouts.

Matthews made it clear Warmack won him over despite the fact that Matthews always has reservations about high profile prospects.

“We visited a bunch of guys throughout the spring here and actually Chance was the last guy. I go in very skeptical on linemen that I've heard about. Typically they are a product of the team they play on and Alabama has such great tradition and are on such a hot streak, so you think maybe they have a lot of other guys that are pumping him up,'' Matthews said.

“I went in very skeptical, wanting to shoot him down at every turn. What sold me on him was that every time I was with him, I got excited about the opportunity to watch him play and coach him.''

The Titans and Warmack seem to be the perfect fit from both sides. They love what they have seen and Warmack couldn't ask for a better team to play for. Nashville is three hours away from his home. He will be on a team coached by two Titans Hall of Fame offensive linemen. The Titans run a similar system to Alabama's.

“It's a dream, man,'' Warmack said. “It still hasn't hit me yet. I am just so excited, so happy to get started – to learn and develop and to be the best guard I can be.

“I'm still floating right now.''

Warmack is penciled as the Titans right guard, although he will have to earn it. There are no red flags that suggest he will fail.

Again, it is a mutual admiration consensus around Baptist Sports Park.

“We have no doubt that at right guard he is a guy who can match up well against anybody,'' Munchak said when asked if Warmack can handle the likes of Houston's J. J. Watts. “You want to build something strong up front. We know the type of teams we have to beat and contend with. There's a certain type of guard that we were looking for and it was real obvious that he was the guy we thought could match up against those type players.

“The power he has at the line of scrimmage is something that I haven't seen on film in a long time,'' Munchak added. “To me, he's the complete package.''

There was a chance (no pun intended) Warmack would not be there at 10. The Titans had to wait while nine other teams went ahead of them. But in the end, they got the one they wanted. It couldn't have been more obvious.''

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