Haslam family begins rebuilding business relationships amidst investigation

Haslam family begins rebuilding business relationships amidst investigation (Image 1)

Last week's federal raid of pilot's headquarters in Knoxville shined a bright light on the Haslam family and its multi-billion dollar diesel retail company.

The FBI alleges wide-spread fraud of customers at Pilot Flying J, claiming the company was boosting profits by pocketing rebates owed to customers.

Aubrey Harwell, who works for Neal and Harwell, Pilot Flying J's representatives, said that they are trying to determine exactly what happened.

He also said that the company is changing the way rebates are paid out to customers and an independent investigation has been ordered.

“If they were paid inappropriately, they will be made whole,” Harwell stated.

Jimmy Haslam has been reaching out to customers personally to try and rebuild business relationships.

“He as called customers who are mad, who feel like they are victims, and said 'I'm sorry',” Harwell explained.

But it may be too late for apologies. At least one major trucking company has filed suit against Pilot Flying J, and more could join the effort.

However, it's not just the company's reputation on the line.

Jimmy Haslam's brother, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, is facing questions about his stake in the company.

If business and politics weren't enough, Jimmy Haslam also owns the Cleveland Browns, so now the NFL is also asking questions.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has met with Jimmy Haslam about the fraud investigation.

Goodell says he is concerned, but that Haslam is cooperating fully.

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