Suspect tries to install skimmer, fails

Suspect tries to install skimmer, fails (Image 1)

Metro Police hope surveillance photos will help identify the criminal who they say “sloppily” installed a debit/credit card skimmer device at a local ATM.

The device was installed Sunday morning on Bank of America’s Hickory Plaza ATM at 5801 Nolensville Pike.

A surveillance camera captured photos of the man as he installed the skimmer then walked away.

A few minutes later, a customer drove up to the ATM and was surprised when the device came off the machine in her hand.

The suspect then approached her, took the device then left the area on foot.

“People are just brazen nowadays,” said bank customer Vern Patterson.

Skimmer devices are used by suspects to steal citizens’ debit/credit card numbers and PINs.

Patterson said he was ripped off before at another ATM.

“It startled me when $500 disappeared from my bank account,” said Patterson.

The local business owner told Nashville’s News 2 he is now extra careful about which ATM he uses and if something on the machine doesn’t look right, he won’t swipe.

Metro fraud detectives hope the photos will help them identify the suspect.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect in the case, a black man who wore a Florida Gators ball cap and a white polo jacket, is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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