Local driving school uses unique approach to educate teen drivers

Local driving school uses unique approach to educate teen drivers (Image 1)

A Franklin program is using a unique approach to help teach teens to drive.

Chris Medina, the owner of Spanky's Driving Academy on 128 Holiday Court, uses music, improv and stand up comedy to keep young drivers' attention.

Medina, known as “Spanky” to his students, is an actor and comedian, who fell into teaching driving lessons when he and his family lived in Minnesota.

He started the academy five years ago when he moved to Tennessee for his wife's chiropractic practice.

“I want them to rise up and be safe and responsible drivers,” Medina explained. “That's the whole bit. The bait is the comedy.”

If students are late to class, they'll have to do an interpretive dance, slow dance with a stuffed animal or sing an improvised song to a melody Medina strums on the guitar.

“My favorite thing he does is when we get worksheets he throws them in the air and you have to catch them,” said former student Meg Hutchinson.

“Spanky was chewing some gum one time and he dropped it and kicked it with his foot and it somehow came up, landed in his mouth,” said Austin Woods, another former student.

Spanky believes his unorthodox approach will allow the lessons will stick and keep young drivers safer out on the roads.

The 36 hour program is $395. For more information, email spankysdrivingacademy@gmail.com.

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