Cookeville Kroger employee lands role in ’42’

Cookeville Kroger employee lands role in '42' (Image 1)

A local Kroger employee is now known around town for playing Babe Hamburger, the clubhouse manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers, in the new movie “42”.

Dan Fenlon has been running the Nutrition Department at the Cookeville Kroger for 27 years.

Fenlon and his son traveled to Chattanooga, where the movie was filmed, hoping to be chosen as extras.

While sitting in a crowd of many other hopefuls, he was spotted by a casting director who thought he had the look they needed for a role not yet cast.

The casting director asked if he had any acting experience, and he shared that he had been acting in community theatre for 40 years.

He then read for the director and landed the small part.

After filming the scene and returning home, Fenlon received a call from the set saying the director really liked him and had added an additional non-speaking role scene for him.

The new scene involved him stitching up Jackie Robinson's leg after the baseball player is injured on the field.

The scene also included veteran actor Harrison Ford, who after one take, asked the director to give Fenlon a line in the scene.

The line was very simple: “Thank you”, spoken after Ford's character compliments him on his stitching skills.  

For Fenlon, the experience has been exciting.  

“I never thought when I decided to drive to Chattanooga last year in hopes of being an extra in crowd scenes that I would end up cast in two scenes with speaking lines. It is certainly something I will never forget,” he said.

Fenlon plans to continue his full time job at Kroger and acting in community theatre.

He added that he might pursue roles a bit harder once he retires.

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