Retired officer records dramatic accident on dash cam

Retired officer records dramatic accident on dash cam (Image 1)

A dramatic video helped straighten out exactly what happened in a terrifying roll over accident in Nashville recently.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon at the Interstate 24 and Interstate 40 split.

A tractor-trailer heading to toward Nashville suddenly merged to the right while a car was in its blind spot, causing a Nissan Versa to spin across three lanes of traffic before flipping onto it's roof.

Charles McWhorter, 68, was the driver of the Nissan and was not seriously injured.

“It was horrible. I was conscious the whole time knew what was going on,” said McWhorter, a retired librarian from Austin Peay.

The driver of the truck is Kenneth Adamson, a 17-year veteran of the road who said he is thankful nobody is seriously injured.

“Thank goodness he is ok. That is my first concern. I don't know what to say; I was coming into that lane, I thought I saw a car coming over, apparently by video there wasn't. It was just an accident,” Adamson explained.

He continued, “My biggest concern was that the man was ok, and that the accident looked more horrific than it turned out to be. It shook me up pretty bad, never had anything like that driving over 17 years.”

Glen and Joyce McDaniel were driving home to Illinois during the time of the accident and caught the whole thing on tape.

He can even be seen in the video rushing to check on McWhorter.

Glen is a retired Florida Reserve Police Commander who said that he always has a camera on the dashboard of his private vehicle no matter where he drives.

According to crash investigator Jeb Johnston, the truck driver first claimed someone drove into his lane and he had to take evasive action.

Then Glen handed the police the dash cam footage from his car and what happened became crystal clear for all to see.

Truck driver Kenneth Adamson was charged with “violation of traffic lane restrictions”

Officer Johnston said the video probably won't increase the charge, but it certainly sheds light on what actually occurred.

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