Mt. Juliet officials warn residents of illegal business fliers

Mt. Juliet officials warn residents of illegal business fliers (Image 1)

Mt. Juliet city officials are warning homeowners about a sales flyer that appears to be from the city offering to paint home address numbers on their curb.

However, the notice is not from the city. It is from a private business that is soliciting business in the area illegally, according to Mt. Juliet city officials.

The city learned of the notices when residents called the city to inquire about the notices.

“Normally anything we would do like that we would put on channel three or we would pay to have a mailer sent to all homeowners letting them know,” City Manager Kenny Martin said.

Mt. Juliet has a no solicitation ordinance that prohibits solicitation without a peddlers permit and prohibits it in neighborhoods where a no solicitation sign is posted.

Complaints from the Timber Trail subdivision and the Park Glen subdivision alerted the city to the notices.

Homeowners told Nashville's News 2 that the notices do not appear to be sales fliers. They say, “Your Citywide Addressing Service has scheduled to paint home addresses along your street tomorrow. Your home will only be included with your permission. This service is provided so that emergency services, such as police, fire, ambulance, and DELIVERY SERVICES can reach your home with minimum delay.”

The flyer continues, “It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of this opportunity to have your address professionally painted in large easy to see numbers on the curb in front of your home.”

Jan Mitchell saw the notice and decided to pay the $15 fee to have one set of numbers painted on her curb. The notice offers a second set of numbers for $25.

“I thought it was from the [city] or whatever,” she said. “We are on a corner lot we live on Timber Lake but we are facing Oak Hall so I thought it would be good to have the number on the front.”

The painters had not returned to paint the curb when Nashville's News 2 spoke with Mitchell. She took the notice off of her door.

Donna Bauer had her curb painted within 20 minutes of Nashville's News 2 arriving at her home.

“I think its a good service, but I think they need to be honest about it,” she said.

Nashville's News 2 contacted Brad Gardner of Citywide Addressing Service by phone.

Gardner said he did not know a peddler's permit was required in Mt. Juliet before he and his co workers started posting the notices.

He said when the city contacted him they immediately stopped handing out the notices, though they did return to the area and paint the curbs of homeowners who paid for the service.

When asked about the wording of the notice, Gardner denied it was misleading.

“We purposely worded it so it did not appear it was from the city,” he said. “My phone number is on it and when I answer the phone I don't say I work for any city.”

He continued, “We have done this in Old Hickory and Clarksville.”

Gardner said they painted the curbs in the neighborhoods on Tuesday with the hopes the Homeowner's Association would contract with them to paint all of the curbs in the neighborhood.

He said the business plans to apply for a peddler's license so they can legally do business in Mt. Juliet.

In the meantime, city officials said if they company continues to solicit business the employees face a city citation.

All licensed peddlers, or door-to-door sales people, must pass a TBI background check and pay a permit fee.

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