Metro police want new lights added to Gulch development

Local police officers would like Metro Public Works to add lighting to a section of roadway in the Gulch.

Police said that residents use the area of Gleaves Street near Pine Street as a short cut to get to Cummins Stations and Cannery Row.

“While I was patrolling I observed two females walking one on each side of the street alone,” Central Precinct Community Affairs Sgt. John Bourque said. “It was also pretty dark and that route has not traditionally been a walking route from a residential area to a business district.”

Prior to the opening of the Pine Street Lofts, there was not a direct connector from 11th Avenue South to Gleaves Street via Pine Street.

Now, a connector exists bringing those two areas together, allowing people to use it as a shortcut.

“While we are patrolling, if we observe things we think are hazards, the officers can relay that to me and I can get with public works,” Sgt. Bourque said.

For the new section of Pine Street, Metro police would like public works to add new lights or enhance lighting on the street.

“The area can be more lit up so the officer can see what is on the side walk and people who are walking can see if there is someone up ahead lying in wait,” Bourque continued.

New routes for pedestrian traffic will continue to pop up as development continues in the Gulch.

There are a number of new residential developments as well as commercial construction.

The Music City Center, scheduled to open in May, is also expected to draw thousands of people into the area.

Gulch residents said they are encouraged to hear that Metro police took note of the dark route and are trying to be proactive.

“There is definitely a little bit of a sketchy feel to it sometime,” Brantley Kilgore said.

Kilgore moved to the Gulch five months ago and walks his dog along Pine Street and Gleaves Street.

“I walk back that way and hit the circle by the new convention center,” he said. “I take the short cut and go under that bridge [8th Avenue South]. It's a little bit of a seedy area.”

He continued, “It is good they are trying to be proactive but I don't know if lights are really the solution to making this a completely safe area I think it might take some other efforts.”

Sarah Jane Holmes also recently moved to the Gulch.

“Obviously because things are happening so quickly, [Metro Nashville] needs to make some changes to that,” she said. “I feel very safe in this area for sure.”

Metro Public Works has not said if they will add the lighting as requested or make other enhancements to the area to improve visibility and safety.

Metro police remind people walking in the area to adopt safe habits like walking in groups and avoiding the area on foot at night.

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