Dog rescued after being hit 3 times, left for dead

Dog rescued after being hit 3 times, left for dead (Image 1)

A dog believed to be abandoned near a busy roadway is in need of help after being struck multiples times and left for dead.

Shortly before 7 a.m. Monday, a Labrador-Pit Bull mix was severely wounded in traffic in front of Roundtree Apartments, less than a block from the intersection of Lebanon Road and Spence Lane.

Tonya Howell, on her way to work, watched helplessly as three drivers struck the dog, and then drove away.

“[It] wouldn't take that long to stop, even to see if it had a collar on,” said Howell. “People just, people don't care much anymore.”

Without a second thought, Howell and two other women stopped and pulled the dog out of the roadway.

The dog was in distress, but still alive.

“I said, 'Just put her in the backseat of my car, and I'll take her down to the vet,'” said Howell.

Howell drove the nearly two-year-old pup to Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital on Old Lebanon Road in Donelson.

Renamed by caregivers, “Libby” showed no signs of aggression, but obvious signs of road rash. Unfortunately, her injuries went much deeper.

“She came in, she wasn't using one of her back legs, the left back leg,” said veterinarian Jessica Jennings. “After she was comfortable, we ended up doing x-rays on her, showing that her pelvis is broken.”

X-rays show a clear shift in Libby's left leg. Without treatment, the condition could be life-threatening.

“It shifts in and kind of basically pinches off her bladder and her colon area making her unable to do the normal things she can,” Dr. Jennings said.  “The only way to probably keep it set is get her into to surgery and have some plates or something placed.”

The surgery requires a specialist, at an estimated cost of $3,000.

In the hours after Libby was rescued, Howell went back to the area where Libby was hit. When she asked around, an unidentified woman allegedly told Howell that Libby had been dropped off in the neighborhood a few days earlier.

Howell plans to follow Libby through recovery and adoption.

After seeing what she considers the worst in humanity, she hopes to the see the best come forward for Libby.

“She deserves a good home. And the money part of it is, of course, hard for one person to come up with,” she said. “Let's get this dog fixed, and get the surgery that she needs, and find her a good home.”

Donations for Libby's care can be made to Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital at 2614 Old Lebanon Road in Donelson. For more information, call 615-884-0394.

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