Music fans camped overnight to celebrate ‘Record Store Day’

Music fans camped overnight to celebrate 'Record Store Day' (Image 1)

In the age of digital music, vinyl is making a comeback.

Across the country, music fans went to independent record stores in droves in honor of national Record Store Day.

At Grimey's New and Pre-loved Music in Nashville, customers camped out overnight and waited in line for hours on Saturday to get in.

“Record Store Day is the greatest shot in the arm a record store could ever get,” said Grimey's co-owner Doyle Davis. “It sends all of this traffic into our store.”

Why the huge crowds? Independent, brick-and-mortar music stores were offering exclusive music content not available in big box stores or even online.

Stores held concerts, cookouts, meet and greets and more to draw crowds.

And even though digital music rules the industry, more and more fans are turning back to analog.

“Well it's not nearly as portable [as digital],” said Nashville resident Jon Allen. “But it does sound a heck of a lot better if you've got a really good setup or really good headphones.”

Doug Hoekstra and his ten-year-old son, Jude, share an interest in vinyl records.

“It's coming back,” Hoekstra said. “And it's funny to me because I have vinyl from when I was a kid. And Jude has kind of discovered it, too.”

More than 700 independent record stores across the country participated in Record Store Day, which is typically celebrated the third Saturday every April.

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