History revived in ‘Expedition Natchez 1813’

History revived in 'Expedition Natchez 1813' (Image 1)

An important piece of Tennessee history has been revived this week.

The event 'From Natchez Under The Hill to The Hermitage' was held April 12, through this Sunday.

The troopers that marched to Mississippi and back with Andrew Jackson during the war of 1812 were honored at the war memorial site.

According to the Natchez Trace Travel web site, the goal is to “educate the next generation” about this forgotten war.

The re-enactment followed Andrew Jackson's courageous struggle to return the young Tennessee Militia to their homes.

Major General Robert Harris, who leads the Tennessee National Guard, also paid tribute at this event.

The ten day bicentennial event ends Sunday in hermitage with a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of former President Andrew Jackson, at The Hermitage. Also a Bicentennial hickory tree will be planted by U.S. Daughters of 1812.

For more information on this event and it's history visit The Hermitage web site by clicking here.

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