Mt. Juliet police says accident count has risen on section of I-40

Mt. Juliet police says accident count has risen on section of I-40 (Image 1)
Mt. Juliet police have noticed an unprecedented spike in the number of car accidents along a heavily traveled stretch of the Interstate 40 beginning near the Providence area.
That stretch of the interstate is also the center of a multi-million dollar TDOT project.
From mile-markers 226 to 229, Mt. Juliet police have seen a dramatic increase in the number of car crashes.
This year alone they've responded to 47 accidents on the interstate, 15 of those had injuries.
The number is up from 22 at the same time last year in 2012, with 3 injuries.
TDOT has been working on this area since early 2012 to widen the interstate from two lanes to four.
“The construction workers aren't doing anything wrong. It's simply a construction zone and with that you need to slow down, pay attention, limit your distractions,” Mt. Juliet Police Sgt. Tyler Chandler told Nashville's News.
The speed limit drops from 70 miles per hour down to 60 and many drivers are simply not slowing down through the construction and lane shifts, despite the orange barrels and signs.
“It's marked ahead of time that the speed is being reduced, and when you get closer again there will be another sign for 60 miles per hour so people clearly know,” Sgt. Chandler said.
According to TDOT, the construction is set to end later this year, but until then Mt. Juliet Police will be keeping a closer eye on this stretch of road.

Mt. Juliet Ppolice will be on the lookout for people speeding through the area to try and cut down on some of those crashes.

Those who are caught speeding could face a fine of up to several hundred dollars.

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