Pollen expected to get worse between now, June

Pollen expected to get worse between now, June (Image 1)

Spring brings flowers, blooms and green grass, and it always brings pollen.

The pollen count is high this week and Middle Tennesseans are beginning to feel the effects.
“This seems to be a relatively similar bad year as always. Last year was particularly rough with the early warm spring,” said Vanderbilt professor of Allergy and Immunology Robert Valet.

“Middle Tennessee is a bad area for it. I think probably about a quarter or more of our visits start with 'I was fine until I moved to Nashville,” he added.

Valet said trees, flowers, plants and grasses give off pollen from the beginning of warm weather until a couple of frosts next fall.

“The pretty flowered ones like the Bradford pears that a lot of people think they're allergic to aren't actually important allergens,” said Valet. “They all may trigger people's noses, but really the ones that don't have a pretty smell or pretty flower are the problem.”

Valet added that the uglier the flower, the more pollen it makes.

“They're not meant to attract bees. They're meant to put it out into the air and get into our noses,” he said.

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