Antioch residents petition against location of new school

Two new schools are planned in Antioch to help alleviate overcrowding, but many residents aren't happy about the location that is being considered.

The district has proposed building an elementary school and middle school side-by-side on a piece of property on Smith Springs Road.

Neighbor Sherri Ethridge thinks it's a bad idea.

“Our main issue is the safety of the children,” said Ethridge.

The potential site is located on a two-lane, curvy road with no sidewalks and little shoulder.

“The amount of traffic that it's going to bring to this neighborhood is going to be massive,” said Ethridge.

The two schools are expected to bring close to 1,800 children to the area.

Ethridge and a group of neighbors who oppose Metro's plan will go door-to-door Monday evening collecting signatures of others who are also against it.

It seems no one disagrees with the need for new schools considering the overcrowding problem in Davidson County's fastest growing area. It's the location that's stirring debate.

In September 2012, the Metro School Board approved funding for 25 acres on the road.

Metro council members will have the final say where the schools will be built. They can approve or disapprove the purchase of the property.

During a recent community meeting regarding the new schools, nearly 200 people came out to learn more.

Increased traffic in the area seemed to be the main concern.

Opponents plan to bring the signed petition to the Metro Council meeting Tuesday night.

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