Dog shot in front of east Nashville owner

Dog shot in front of east Nashville owner (Image 1)

An east Nashville neighborhood is outraged after a dog wandered out of its yard and was shot in front of its owner.

The Jack Russell terrier named Milo escaped from his owner's fenced in backyard Wednesday afternoon.

Witnesses told Nashville's News 2 the dog took off through an alley behind the Forrest Avenue home where he lived. A second dog, a husky, got out, too.

In the alley, the two dogs met a man who was walking his own two small dogs.

Milo and the husky ran up to the dogs while the owner chased after them. 

According to a neighbor who was outside at the time, the husky attacked the man's small dogs. As the owner tried to gain control of the husky, Milo then reportedly joined the fight. 

The witness, who doesn't want to be identified, told Nashville's News 2 she heard the man warn he was going to shoot three times before pulling the trigger. 

The owner said he wasn't thinking about it and said “go ahead.” That's when the man pulled out a gun and shot Milo.

The incident has incited outrage in the neighborhood.

“Just the thought that someone would take it to that level,” said neighbor Bill Hardin.

Hardin's home backs up to the alley where the shooting took place.

Hardin has three dogs and a young daughter. He worries about safety in a neighborhood that is full of children.

“To be shooting off a gun back here in any direction seems kind of reckless,” said Hardin.

The shooter told Milo's owner he felt threatened by the terrier and thought he was going to hurt him and his dogs. The witness told Nashville's News 2 one of the small dogs, Olive, had puncture wounds.  The owner has spent more than two-hundred dollars in vet bills. 

Milo's injuries were so bad, the owner had to have him put down.

He later filed a report with Metro police. No charges were filed.

According to authorities, the man had the right to shoot the dog that was attacking his.

The man visited the dog owner's home Friday morning to apologize.

Both men have said they feel badly about the incident and want nothing more than for it “to be done.”

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