Dickson County boys need help finding cure for deadly disease

Dickson County boys need help finding cure for deadly disease (Image 1)

Two Dickson County boys, Jonah and Emory Marlin, are fighting a rare disease.

The two boys, who are both under the age of 10, have been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and could use your help finding a cure.

Duchenne is a cruel disease that leaves kids in a wheel chair by 12, paralyzed by late teens and life expectancy is mid-20's with no cure.

“Emery is just starting to show some of the symptoms. He doesn't seem as progressed as Jonah, but he's starting to fall down some and just little things like that, just fatigue,” mother Sonya Marlin said.

This weekend, you have the chance of not only helping Jonah and Emory, but also kids across the country with the disease.

Friday night, Fight DMD is hosting a celebrity Q&A at the Hard Rock Cafe featuring Titans quarterback Jake Locker.

Saturday, Locker along with Blaine Bishop and Rusty Smith and other celebrities will take the court at Dickson County High School for a celebrity basketball game.

The Marlin family started Fight DMD in 2010 when their two sons were diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

So far the organization has raised $200,000 to fight the disease.

For more information on tickets to both events, visit the Fight DMD Web site.

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