TPAC play ‘Cranked’ addresses meth abuse

TPAC play 'Cranked' addresses meth abuse (Image 1)

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center is putting on a production that directly confronts one of the most serious health and welfare issues facing our country: meth abuse.

The 45-minute dramatic play is called “Cranked”.

The performance uses a blend of rap, hip hop and monologue to showcase the issues surrounding drug abuse with the audience.

On Wednesday and Thursday, TPAC held performances of “Cranked” for local high school students.

On Thursday, TPAC's Inside Out series gave the audience a chance to learn more about meth from a panel of experts including TBI's Director of Meth Task Force, Tom Farmer.

“Meth is a national problem. It is a national epidemic that we have been dealing with for years and years,” Farmer told Nashville's News 2. “We are already off to the races and law enforcement across the state has already seized more than 611 meth labs and unofficially it does appear we are topping the nation right now.”

The panel of experts also included the director of Vanderbilt's Counseling Center, Catherine Fuchs.

“I think it is important for people to understand the risk associated with meth use and the temptation early on may seam pleasurable but the long term consequences can have a tremendous impact on life,” Fuchs said.

Meth is a man-made, synthetic drug and the process to make it is extremely dangerous.

“If they are using one of the common methods of manufacturing, now called the shake, or one pot method, if they haven't they will catch themselves on fire or blow themselves up,” said Farmer.

The performance of “Cranked”, which was written based on real life circumstances, resonated with the students in the audience.

Lattie Brown is the director of Special Projects Education at TPAC.

“We heard from a counselor who talked to her students after seeing performance and it really opened them up in ways that she did not expect and touched a cord with them and that is priceless,” Brown said.

TPAC is holding an “After School Special” performance of “Cranked” which is open to the general public on Friday at 4 p.m.

For more information on TPAC, visit their Web site.

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