Expansion to double Country Music Hall of Fame’s size

Expansion to double Country Music Hall of Fame's size (Image 1)

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, located in downtown Nashville, is moving forward with plans for a massive expansion.

“It is an exciting time here at the museum,” Vice President of Sales and Marketing Sharon Burns told Nashville's News 2.

Officials said the upcoming expansion will double the size of the popular Country Music Hall of Fame.

“210,000 square feet are going to be added to our already 140,000 square feet museum,” Burns said.

Burns told Nashville's News 2 a large part of the expansion is going on top of the existing building and is already under construction.

“Our architecture firm, Tuck Hinton and Associates, have designed it so that literally the shape of the current building and its really nice arch make a beautiful frame that provides the city as a beautiful picture for people to look at,” she explained.

Burns said while Nashville has been building a lot of event space recently, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum remains a popular choice for events.

“You come to Nashville, let's say for a national convention, you want to be in the most unique space the city can provide. There is only one Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum,” she said.

The Hall of Fame is also popular among Middle Tennesseans as well for wedding and team building activities.

“We do a team building exercise where you actually take your group and write a song together and about your company. It gives you the process of understanding what song writing must be like in the auspices of what we do here in this atmosphere it is kind of cool,” Burns said.  

The expansion will also include a brand new 800 seat theatre which will have an entrance on 5th Avenue right across from the brand new Music City Center.

The construction is scheduled to be completed by mid-October.

For more information, visit CountryMusicHallOfFame.org.

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