Second hole forms near Murfreesboro greenway

Second hole forms near Murfreesboro greenway (Image 1)
Second hole forms near Murfreesboro greenway (Image 1)
A portion of Murfreesboro's greenway is blocked from walkers after a hole opened up taking party of the sidewalk with it.

The hole was discovered early Monday by a city worker.

“Rutherford County is prone to sinkhole activity but we really feel like this is related to a utility line that's broke,” said city engineer Chris Griffith. “We just turned the water back on and filled the lake up on Saturday and the hole formed on Sunday night.”

A pond in the center of the greenway behind Murfreesboro Medical Center, it appears, leaked out of a concrete pipe that pumped water from the lower pond to a higher pond.

The leak is at a spot of a 45-degree angle joint in the concrete pipe. Griffith said they believe the joint became compromised from the water pressure causing it to leak, loosening the soil.
Griffith says they are fairly certain of the leak but said they won't know for sure until the reach the joint 22 feet below the ground.
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