Parents indicted with reckless endangerment due to filthy home

Parents indicted with reckless endangerment due to filthy home (Image 1)

A couple in Murfreesboro has been indicted with three counts of reckless endangerment in a situation of child neglect.

The case began in early March when an officer was called by the children's grandmother because she was worried her grandchildren weren't safe.

Since the grandmother owns the property, she let officers inside the home of her granddaughter, 25-year-old Joyce Thomson, and her boyfriend, 51-year-old Richard Silk on March 9.

Police reported that the home was very filthy, noting garbage, heaps of laundry, dirty dishes with old food and impassable hallways and doorways due to “miscellaneous debris”.

According to reports, the room where the boys slept had only one twin size mattress. They later discovered that the second mattress was outside for “the weather to clean” after one of the young boys had urinated on it.

After a short while, more officers were called to the scene as Silk became more and more upset by their presence. A caseworker with the Department of Children Services also arrived.

Thomson and Silk have three children together, ages four, five and six.

Two of the children were at home at the time of the investigation and officers reported that they were appropriately dressed, did not seem malnourished and overall appeared to be happy; however the home was not suitable for children to live.

Officers remained on the scene until the eldest child arrived from a birthday party and they were transported to the DCS offices along with their parents without further incident.

On April 3, officers along with the DCS caseworker returned to the home to follow up.

Reports stated that they once again observed a filthy house that is hazardous for children at such a young age.

Thomson and Silk were officially charged with three counts of reckless endangerment in a child neglect situation by a Grand Jury.

They are being held in the Rutherford County Jail on $7,500 bond each and are due back in court on April 15.

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