K-9 unit helps catch kidnapping suspect

K-9 unit helps catch kidnapping suspect (Image 1)

A Rutherford County Sheriff's K-9 helped captured a man wanted for assaulting and kidnapping a Murfreesboro woman early Monday morning.

Cortavias Marable was wanted by authorities after he allegedly broke into a woman's home located on Manor Drive and demanded she drive him to Gardner Drive.

The victim complied with Marable's request, however when the 24-year-old man refused to get out of her vehicle on Gardner Drive, he allegedly beat her until she jumped out of her Buick Century.

Marable is said to have then chased the woman with the vehicle.

“Marable caught her, pulled her back to the vehicle, opened the trunk and attempted to put her inside the trunk. He then realized that she would not fit inside the trunk so he opened the rear door and forced her into the back seat of the vehicle. He then slammed the door on her foot,” Officer Julie Treadway said.

Marable was taken into police custody in Cannon County around 3 a.m. following a two county pursuit.

Authorities reported Murfreesboro police initially tried to apprehend the Marable as he traveled through the city onto Bradyville Pike.

While traveling on Highway 64, Marable ran off the road and rolled down a hill into trees before he fled on foot.

“I made two K-9 announcements for the suspect to surrender or K-9 force would be used,” Cpl. David Ashburn said in a release. “I heard no response. I released K-9 Venture to conduct an off-lease area search for the felony suspect. It was a secluded area in dense brush that opened into a large field.”

Marable was found about 200 yards away from the crashed vehicle and told police he was on drugs. A crack pipe and cocaine was recovered inside the wrecked vehicle.

After refusing medical treatment, Marable was transported to the Murfreesboro Police Department for questioning.  

Marable is charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, theft of a car, possession of crack cocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia among other charges.

He was booked into Rutherford County Adult Detention Center where he remains on $63,500 bond.

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