Vandals cover popular 21st Avenue S. restaurant with graffiti

Vandals cover popular 21st Avenue S. restaurant with graffiti (Image 1)

People who frequent businesses and restaurants in Hillsboro Village noticed a lot of graffiti over the weekend.

White painted designs were sprayed all over the side wall of Boscos, one of the most popular restaurants on 21st Avenue South.

Business owners say it happens frequently and they have trouble keeping up with the vandals.

“[I] get graffiti remover, bring out my guys, scrub down the walls, but then the next two to three weeks, they come back and tag it again,” said Bosco's chef Jeff Grimaud. “

Monday morning the staff at Boscos once again used graffiti remover and stiff brooms to erase as much of the paint as possible, but they know once it is cleaned of the painters will return.

A vacant building next door also has graffiti on the rear walls. That building is owned by H.G Hill Realty.

The company received a demolition permit from the city Monday to go forward with plans to tear down the building and build a 47 unit apartment project.

Grimaud said it's important to keep graffiti off the walls because it is an eyesore for people who visit the area.

“We're fighting against the Gulch and the Gulch is beautiful and it's new, and we're more of a historical development and we need to keep it looking that way, not with a bunch of graffiti,” Grimaud said.

Anyone who notices any suspicious activity is urged to call Metro police or Crime Stoppers 74-CRIME.

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