Local man creates sanctuary for wolf dogs

Local man creates sanctuary for wolf dogs (Image 1)

A Davidson county man says don't judge any dog by it's breed.
Steve, better known as 'The Wolf Man' has been rescuing wolf dogs for 16 years.

The Wolf Man's passion began by accident. He rescued a wolf dog 16 years ago, since then the wolf dogs have been coming to him.

Steve says “You take one and the phone rings, and you take two, and think your tied down, so why not three. And then by 6 or 7, I decided to become a 501c3 charity, to help a little bit.”

The help Steve received has turned the Sojourn Sanctuary into a slice of heaven for the wolf dogs. 

The sanctuary has 18 acres of river, rolling hills and Tennessee nature.

Often, the animals end up in the sanctuary because owners abandon them.

“Sadly they are pet quality, they could be in homes. They were abandoned or given up because people believe they are part wolf,” said Steve.

Taking care of these wolves is full time job, but he does get help from volunteers.

Marianne Allen, a wolf dog volunteer says “I think they are a lot like us in many ways. I think we may be able to learn a lot from them, in how they behave.”

A refrigerator full of donated deer meat helps keep operating cost down, and yes, they do wolf down their food.

Steve knows his passion for wolf dogs is unusual but he feels if he doesn't do it, these animals may not have a home.

For more information or to make a donation to the Sojourn Sanctuary click here.


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