Son’s arrest leads to father’s grow house

Son's arrest leads to father's grow house (Image 1)

A home in Sumner County was discovered to be a marijuana grow house.

It all started March 22 when Kentucky Drug Task Force Agents arrest a young Hendersonville man named Adam Maltin trying to buy two pounds of pot with $3,000 cash.

The incident led authorities back to the suspect's father, 54-year-old Alan Maltin, who allegedly had a grow house in Goodlettsville.

Drug task force agents found 24 marijuana plants inside the home, all about four feet high.

Agents reported that the basement room had a thermostat set at a constant 67 degrees, state of the art lights and filtration systems.

They also said that Alan was unemployed, but found over $10,000 cash in their raid.

Along with the marijuana plants and money, drug task force agents said Alan had eight firearms including shot guns, an AR 15 and hand guns equipped for darkness.

While Alan declined an interview with Nashville's News 2 Investigates, he simply told them that his life could be better.

“It kind of sucks right now,” he said.

Neither Alan nor his son have previous felony records.

They are both out of jail on bond.

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