School rallies to support teacher battling breast cancer

School rallies to support teacher battling breast cancer (Image 1)

When someone goes through a serious medical battle at Williamson County's Sunset Middle School, everyone is there to help.  

But when that someone is beloved eighth grade English teacher Patricia (Trish) Potts, the support is especially intense.

Potts was diagnosed in February 2012 with an aggressive form of breast cancer just seven months after having a normal mammogram.  

She has managed to return to the classroom throughout her chemotherapy treatment.  

Teachers have stepped in to help cover her class when she has been too sick to work.  Many have volunteered to help with lesson plans when she couldn't do it.

One of Potts' students, Macy Chambers, nominated her as a Nashville's News 2 Educator of the Week.  

In the letter, Chambers said Potts was not only an outstanding teacher but she has taught her students many “life lessons.”

She said “she always has a smile on her face no matter what she is going through.”

“She's taught us that no matter what is going on in your personal life and what's happening that's bothering you and will be hard for you, you still need to push through it,” said Chambers.

“They're the ones who are making me feel good, keeping me sharp, challenging me everyday to have the energy to give them the best I can give them,” Potts told Nashville's News 2.

Potts found the lump in her breast herself which eventually led to the cancer diagnosis. Doctors told her it was terminal. 

The teacher said it's an example of why self breast exams are so important.

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