Little girl calls 911 when microwave catches fire

Little girl calls 911 when microwave catches fire (Image 1)

An 8-year-old girl makes a 911 call that saves her home, and possibly her life.

The little girl and her younger brother, age 5, were trying to heat macaroni in the microwave Wednesday morning when it caught on fire and smoke started filling the kitchen.

The children panicked and the 8-year-old called 911 for help.

“There's a fire in the microwave. I need a fire engine quick,” the child told Maury County 911 dispatcher, Brenda Napier.

“I could tell she was small and she was scared,” Napier told Nashville's News 2.

Napier could also tell the little girl was calling from a land line. She tried to get the child to hang up and go outside.

“I'm going to get the fire department. Get out of your house, ok.”

“We are. We're outside right now,” said the child.

The girl went on to tell the dispatcher she was worried about her cat that was still inside the home.

Firefighters arrived at the Sowell Mill Pike residence within minutes. Everyone was ok, including the family's cat.

The damage was limited to the microwave and some light smoke throughout the home.

The parents were not home at the time.

According to the father, the children's older sister, age 15, was supposed to be watching the kids while their parents were at work.

She left for a short time and that's when the children called 911.

The kids are on spring break this week.

Firefighters praised the little girl for knowing exactly what to do in an emergency.

No charges were filed.

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