La Vergne mayor calls alderman embarrassment to city on Facebook

La Vergne mayor calls alderman embarrassment to city on Facebook (Image 1)

The La Vergne mayor uses Facebook to sound off against one of the city's alderman.

Arguments between Mayor Senna Mosley and Alderman Dennis Waldron are splashed across the local paper and now on Facebook.

Money owed to taxpayers who over-paid on their property taxes is the issue.

The city of La Vergne will pay over $10,000 to taxpayers whose properties were unfairly assessed, and in the next two years, the city could pay out as much as $160,000.

“I think the focus of this should be that our citizens and the taxpayers are being taken care of,” Mosley told Nashville's News 2.

The focus, however, has become less about paying people back and more about Waldron's comments to the Daily News Journal.

When the DNJ asked Waldron whether he thought the city could handle the extra expense, he replied, “They should have money to burn if they haven't spent it like a bunch of drunk sailors.”

Nasvhille's News 2 sat down with Waldron on Thursday.

“I think on the drunk sailor thing, that probably wasn't the proper phrase,” he said. “I kind of said that off the cuff, you know.”

Mosley however, felt it was insult to their employees.

She took to her Facebook page saying, “Mr. Waldron is an embarrassment to this city” and “I am so fed up with his lies, name calling.”

Waldron said that that's her opinion, but that “she ought to know better”.

Mosley and Waldron were both elected La Vergne Aldermen in 2004.

Mosley was then elected mayor of La Vergne in 2010 and oversaw a major property tax increase, one Waldron voted against.

“I'm the alderman that's bucked her the most,” said Waldron, “I just haven't jumped every time she's whistled.”

“I've been putting up with these type slurs for the last nine years and I thought it was time somebody stood up and took up for these employees,” Mosley told Nashville's News 2.

Mosley said the city of is preparing its budget for next year with the extra property tax expenses in mind.

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