Gun resolution aimed at Feds passes TN Senate

Gun resolution aimed at Feds passes TN Senate (Image 1)

Some Tennessee lawmakers are holding on to hope that a state law might be passed preventing federal agents from enforcing any federal gun laws out of Washington.

This comes as the State Senate passed a resolution 26-0 Thursday that says, “We are going to fight for the 2nd Amendment Rights of our Tennessee citizens.”

Sen. Kelsey added the resolution is “protecting them through the rule of law and that is what this resolution is based on.”

As some Senators like Mae Beavers preferred something tougher than just the words of a resolution, Sponsor Brian Kelsey defended the legislation saying resolutions have been used to fight unfair federal laws like the Alien and Sedition Acts of the late 1700s.

Not so convinced was Senator Mae Beavers, who preferred her bill that would make it a misdemeanor for any federal agent to try to enforce any gun restriction Washington might impose on Tennessee.

“It would be a warning that they are not to be confiscating our guns in Tennessee. We don't think the federal government has the right to make laws regarding 2nd Amendment rights,” Sen. Beavers told Nashville's News 2.

While her bill did not pass in the House, Senator Beavers hopes to either revive the bill next year in a different form, or get behind a similar bill still alive from Senator Frank Nicely.

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