Toddler alerts mom to stranger in house

Toddler alerts mom to stranger in house (Image 1)

Clarksville police are investigating after a young mother reported her toddler alerted her of a stranger inside their home Tuesday night.

According to police, the incident occurred around 9:20 p.m. at a home located in the 1200 block of Parkview Drive.

Homeowner Madeline Mullins told police she heard her young child say “hi” to an unidentified man after she let the family's dog in from outside and then stepped inside the bathroom.

“All of a sudden I heard him say 'hi', I bolted out of the restroom, ran to the kitchen, and there was a man,” Mullins explained.

She continued, “I grabbed Caleb, I just grabbed him. I took off. My three-week-old was in her little pillow. I grabbed her and then rushed out the door.”

Mullins ran to a neighbor's house as her two dogs chased the man out of her home.

It did not appear the man did anything else in the house and police were unable to gather fingerprints.

Mullins gave police a description.

“I got only a side view of him. He was wearing a red baseball cap, a black or navy blue windbreaker jacket. About 6'3 or 6'4, blue jeans, and that's all I saw,” she recounted.

Mullins and her son spent the rest of the night in a hotel.

“Just utter fear, because I didn't know who he was saying hi to. My heart fell to my feet it felt like,” she added.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police at 931-645-8477.

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