Man under arrest tells police of dad’s moonshine still

Man under arrest tells police of dad's moonshine still (Image 1)

Clarksville police discovered a moon shine still while arresting a man at a home on an unrelated offense Monday night.

Police were initially at the home located on Acorn Drive around 9 p.m. to arrest Seth Hannah for a domestic assault offense.

While placing the 20-year-old in the car, Hannah told arresting officers his father, John Hannah, had a moonshine still in the basement.

Officers made contact with the 43-year-old man who denied having a still.

After receiving permission to search the basement, police found a clear barrel with water, three large burners, mason jars and jugs filled with a clear liquid.

A metal still was also located in a nearby closet.

John Hannah admitted the liquid was moonshine. He said he was not selling the alcohol and that he though he could possess a still if it was for personal use.

He was issued a misdemeanor citation and released.

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