Man arrested after assaulting 2 live-in girlfriends

Man arrested after assaulting 2 live-in girlfriends (Image 1)

A fight between three lovers ended in an arrest early Friday morning.

Clarksville police were called to a home on Cimarron Court shortly after 12 a.m.

Jennifer Stovall and Victoria Davis claimed they had been attacked by 27-year-old Kyle Petko.

The women told police they shared the home with Petko, and the three of them had been involved in a relationship with each other for a couple months.

Davis told police the fight with Petko started when he returned home from a bar earlier that night and begin to yell at her and Stovall, who were asleep in a bedroom.

Petko reportedly wanted them to vacate the room for his sister who was expected to arrive on Friday morning.

Davis and Stovall said Petko then became enraged when he couldn't find his wallet and kicked the door to the room open. That's when he allegedly began to attack Davis and Stovall.

Stovall said Petko cussed and pushed her.

Davis said Petko tackled and choked her when she attempted to leave the room for help.

The women were able to get away long enough to call police on a cell phone.

By the time an officer arrived, Petko was gone. An officer noticed him return short time later when he parked his car down the road from home.

Petko is taken into custody and charged with assault and DUI, among other charges.

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