‘The Passion meets Cirque du Soleil’ at Cornerstone Church

'The Passion meets Cirque du Soleil' at Cornerstone Church (Image 1)

This isn't your typical Easter service but the crowd at Cornerstone Church in Madison didn't come here for a typical Easter service.

“The Thorn” is a live stage production that tells the story of the cross with the help of lights, music, video, acting, and even fireworks.

Pastor Maury Davis says it's the largest production that Cornerstone Church has ever put on.

“It is the death, the burial, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a moment that no other person has ever been able to accomplish. It's an event that no other person has ever been able to duplicate,” said Davis.

It may not duplicate, but “The Thorn” is certainly aiming to imitate.

“It kind of reminded us again of what our savior went through for our healing and for our ability to walk in victory every day,” said audience member David Ruiz.

The production comes all the way from Colorado for a series of shows at Cornerstone this Easter weekend.

The actors come from all over the country not just to act but to spread a message.

“Our mission in life is to bring the freedom of Jesus Christ to, if we can, every single person in this country,” said actor Jim Miles.

Another actor in the production, Ruselis Aumeen Perry adds, “You have a ‘Passion of the Christ' type of play with ‘Cirque Du Soleil' value When you get those two combined, it blows up.”

With dynamic visuals, acrobatics and pyrotechnics it's a new way to reach believers of all ages and spread the two-thousand year old story of the cross from the crucifixion to the resurrection.

Patrick Chavez, an attendant of the performance adds, “They kind of put it in with some entertainment so people can kind of get involved. It's better this way.”

You can purchase your tickets here.

For more information visit the Cornerstone Church site.


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