Local churches incorporate ‘I Am Second’ campaign into Easter services

Local churches incorporate 'I Am Second' campaign into Easter services (Image 1)

On Easter Sunday, 80 churches in our area brought the ‘I Am second' campaign inside their church.

Eighteen billboards with the words “I Am Second” went up in the Nashville area in February.

It's part of a national campaign to start spiritual conversations.

One church that is part of the campaign includes Clearview Baptist Church in Franklin.

Pastor Mark Marshall said he will talk about Clearview's own personal ‘I Am Second' story during Sunday's Easter service.

“Easter is our reason for hope. It is that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. That's what we celebrate every Easter, but we kind of tied it into I am Second, because that is the hope these people have. All of us have actually, but the people you see on our site. The reason for hope is that Jesus Christ is indeed alive, he arose from the dead,” Pastor Marshall told Nashville's News 2. 

The billboards are funded by local individuals and have the support from local churches of many different Christian denominations.

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