‘The Church’ gives back in free gas

'The Church' gives back in free gas (Image 1)

Members of a Murfreesboro church gave away free gas on Saturday.

With the help of Kangaroo Market, 'The Church' members pumped out at least $2,000 dollars worth of gasoline to those in need, especially single mothers, and low-income families.

Members of The Church thought it was a great way to meet members of the community and to help those who could use a break at the pump.

“Due to the sky rocketing gas prices we thought this would be the best way to help out people in the community,” said Pastor Travis Duke.

Cars began lining up at 8 a.m. at the gas station on Saturday. 

After filling up, patrons could get a voucher and head over to Monster Xpress for a free car wash.

Pastor Duke wanted the event to be held this weekend as a reminder.

“What happened on this weekend, 2,000 years ago, because of what Jesus did, our greatest fear which is death, and he conquered death. That let's me know that whatever happens in life, it's gonna be OK,” said Duke

The Church was at the Kangaroo gas station at 2610 South Church Street from 11:30 a.m. to noon.

Police arrived to shut down the giveaway at noon because police said the proper measures weren't taken to organize the event.

The Church was able to serve about 30 people.


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