NPR tapes ‘On Point’ for different perspectives on health care debate

NPR tapes 'On Point' for different perspectives on health care debate (Image 1)

Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, “weighs in” on Governor Haslam's healthcare plan.

Friday night, Nashville's News 2 caught up with the former 2 term governor at a radio taping for NPR on the issue of healthcare.

Haslam stated earlier this week that he won't expand the state's Medicaid program as part of President Obama's health care law.

Haslam said he will pursue what he calls a “third way” to provide medical coverage for 175,000 uninsured low-income Tennessee.

We asked Bredesen if he agreed with Governor Haslam's decision not to expand medicaid, but rather to ask for the money to buy health insurance for Tennesseans without coverage.

“I respect his decision, I wouldn't second guess what he's doing but in the end, I hope he and the legislature, if they can't work out this third way with the federal government, would come back and maybe add people into the medicaid roles, it's just a lot of free money for the state,” said Bredesen.

NPR decided to tape its “On Point” broadcast with Tom Ashbrook, in Nashville to get a different perspective on the health care debate, it will air at a future date.

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March 27, 2013: Haslam says no to Medicaid expansion, hopes for 'third way'

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